How Do You Fill Out a Disabled Placard and License Plate Application With the South Carolina DMV?

To complete an application for a disabled placard or license plate, enter vehicle information, disabled person's information and attach a valid physician's prescription to the application. Completed applications are accepted at all South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles locations or by mail. Disabled parking placards are available for permanently and temporarily disabled persons or their drivers. Applications are available online or at any DMV office.

The first section of the application states the reason for the placard request. Applicants select whether it is a new or renewal application, passenger vehicle or motorcycle, and if the person is temporarily or permanently disabled. Other options in the first section include whether a purple heart or disabled veterans license plate or decal is requested.

In the next section, applicants enter the disabled person's personal information. Applicants enter their name, address, phone number, Social Security number, birth date, email address and driver license number. A signature and date certifying that the information is true is required in this section.

The third section is only for permanent disabled license plates. Applicants enter information about the vehicle including the vehicle identification number, make, year, current plate number and total vehicle gross weight. After the vehicle information, enter the vehicle owner's information including name, address, phone number and email address. Applicants enter the vehicles insurance carrier and signs and dates under penalty of perjury that the vehicle in insured.

The final section of the application is a sworn certification from a physician. The physician enters the name, birth date and nature of the applicant's disability and signs and dates the application. In addition to entering the information into this section, a legible prescription with the same signature must be attached to the application.