How Do You Figure the Gas Mileage of a Vehicle?


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To calculate the gas mileage of a vehicle, divide the miles traveled on a single tank of gas by the capacity of the tank in gallons. The result is your car's average miles per gallon for that driving period.

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To obtain the amount of miles driven on a single tank of gas, owners should reset their odometers with every refueling, which allows for an accurate depiction of the total miles driven on a tank of gas. By avoiding the need to calculate a vehicle's miles per gallon repeatedly, investing in a fuel economy meter helps owners save time. Aggressive driving is known to decrease a vehicle's fuel economy by 33 percent, and by owning a fuel economy meter, drivers can observe how their driving affects their fuel economy.

To get better fuel economy, drivers should restrain themselves from accelerating and decelerating at a rapid rate. Replacement of basic vehicle parts can also yield an in increase in fuel economy. Replacement of the mass air flow senor, oxygen sensor, spark plugs and air filters can lead to a more pure and accurate flow of air into the engine block, allowing for more accurate readings and a steady increase in fuel economy.

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