How Do Fiberglass Kits for Cars Work?


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Fiberglass kits are used to fix cracks, fractures or small holes on bare metal or fiberglass surfaces on a car. The contents of a fiberglass kit vary with each product, but the basic supplies include resin, a catalyst measuring cup, a mat, a mixing tray, a mixing stick and a spreader. Age, conditions of storage and the skill of the individual performing the repair play a huge role in the effectiveness of a fiberglass kit product.

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The resin in the fiberglass kit reinforces the damaged surface it is applied on and produces a substance that strengthens or seals the damaged area. The catalyst is added to the fiberglass resin to make the latter pliable and soft enough to apply. Once the resin softens, it must be applied quickly before it cools and hardens. Once the resin solidifies, it transforms into a material that has all the same characteristics as fiberglass. Additionally, mixing fiberglass with resin makes the former thick and malleable when heated.

When working with a fiberglass kit, make sure to wear goggles, gloves, a disposable paint suit and a mask or respirator. Fiberglass can irritate exposed skin and damage the throat and lungs if inhaled. Wearing protective gear can help ensure your safety. If the fiberglass resin gets on the skin, take a thorough shower to wash it off. A cold shower is recommended to tighten the pores and prevent the resin from entering the skin.

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