What Are Some Features of Yamaha Electric Bikes?

What Are Some Features of Yamaha Electric Bikes?

Yamaha electric bikes, or e-Bikes, have center mounting systems, LED and LCD displays, triple sensor systems and four distinct modes for operation. E-Bikes cross the design and manual operation of traditional bicycles with the convenience of a motor-powered bike. In addition to manual pedaling, these bikes have battery-powered motors to give riders a boost when needed.

One main feature of Yamaha e-Bikes are their centrally mounted battery units. These systems contain the electrical components that bikes need to run, much like car engines. Although they provide the benefit of a power boost, these systems are large and heavy. On Yamaha e-Bikes, they are located strategically near the pedals. This allows for a smooth transition from manual to motor-powered mode, and improves rider safety by making the bikes stable and balanced.

Yamaha e-Bikes also come with two display systems: LCD and LED. The LCD display acts as a multi-function drive control system. The LED display shows information in three ways, and is the main switch.

Yamaha's e-Bikes also have a triple-sensor system that adjusts power delivery on a continual basis, much like an automatic transmission in cars. These sensors analyze rider cadence and power, and bicycle speed, to generate the appropriate amount of power.

The e-Bikes have different modes that riders choose while riding. These modes include "eco," "standard," and "high."