What Are Features of the Best Winter Tires for Cars?


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Winter tires for cars ideally contain deep treads and grooves, have a heavy weight, which allows for better handling and faster stopping, and are made from a strong rubber material. Some snow tires also have studs across their surfaces, which helps drivers traveling in extremely snowy and icy conditions, but studs do not prove necessary in most temperate climates with moderate winters. All snow tires, however, should have a relatively thick and heavy rubber material, which prevents excessive wear and helps tires maintain optimal grip in the snow.

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Snow tires come from several brands, including Winterforce, Bridgestone and Nokian. Manufacturers offer several selections to drivers in choosing winter tires. These tires retain the top features of durable rubber, deep grooves and numerous treads. However, they vary in size, appearance and extra features such as studs.

Nokian tires, along with those from Winterforce and Bridgestone, come in two types: those with studs and those without. These tires are manufactured in specific sizes for different vehicle types, including cars, trucks and vans. They boast an eco-friendly design with low resistance ratios, which reduce gas usage, and they are constructed without synthetic oils. Bridgestone tires offer treads pointing in all directions, which promotes control and stability. Winterforce tires offer versatility for different driving conditions. They include stud attachments, allowing drivers to add studs for icy driving.

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