What Are the Features of Westfalia Campers?


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Westfalia campers include seats and sleeping furniture that can be removed and stored; they also have interiors accented with wood trim and panels, storage cabinets, electrical outlets, curtains and mirrors. Some models also come with sinks and Venetian blinds. In addition to these standard features, people can add on awnings, camping stoves, portable toilets, audio systems and pop-up tents.

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The Westfalia camper family includes three members: the Columbus, Amundsen and Club Joker. Previously, Westfalia campers included the T1, Vanagon and Transporter. These vehicles have slightly different exterior designs and interior layouts. However, they all accommodate passengers for driving and sleeping.

As with many vehicles, Westfalia vans gained standard features over time. Beginning in the 1950s, Volkswagen included heating and air conditioning in all vans. Westfalia vans have automatic transmission systems and share the same long, spacious layout. They are available in several trims and colors to allow for a custom finish.

Westfalia vans feature several interior plans for sleeping. Some come with a double bed, while others have a single bed. Families with small children can also select vans with child sleeping cots. Overhead cabinets and drawers create extra storage space. Beds can also fold in half, which enables storage of equipment such as bikes, fishing poles and camping tents. Owners can also add storage space with the purchase of storage boxes.

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