What Are the Features of Volkwagen Sandrails?


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A few features of Volkswagen sand rails include disc brakes on all four wheels and hydraulic parking brakes on some models. The front seat has a four- or five-point harness and is made of a thickly padded material.

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The steering column and wheel on the Volkswagen sand rail has features such as a collapsible column and wheels with quick disconnect and tilt options. The instrument panel is customized to the buyer's preferences, and the dashboard has indicators for speed, oil temperature, oil pressure, fuel levels and voltage. Some Volkswagen sand rails have a push-button start feature. They are off-road vehicles built specifically to be driven on sand, although some can be used on the roads as well.

Sand rails are very similar to dune buggies and are especially effective on sand dunes, such as the ones in California, Utah, Oregon and Idaho. Sand rails are very light and weigh between 363 and 680 kilograms. They have smooth front tires and paddle tires at the rear end to enable them to skim over the sand surface without sinking in. Most frames are tubular and in the form of a roll cage without doors or windows. The engine is usually placed at the back or in the middle to allow for better weight distribution and center of gravity.

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