What Are Some Features of Two Post Lifts?


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Two post lift features vary depending on the model and can include truck and van adapters, telescoping arms, bridge jacks, specialized contact pads, frame extensions and more. Among the different model versions of two post lifts are extra tall or extra wide, short, narrow, asymmetrical and clearfloor models.

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Most consumers end up deciding between the asymmetric or symmetric lift models. Neither model is absolutely better than the other; rather, each is ideal for a particular set of applications. Symmetric lifts are best for sport utility vehicles, commercial vans and trucks that weigh between three quarters of a ton to a ton. Consumers can have difficulty getting in and out of a vehicle that's on the lift if the vehicle is a standard-sized car because the doors align with the posts. The doors are positioned in front of the posts for heavier vehicles and trucks.

Asymmetric lifts are more obliging toward lighter-built vehicles. They feature a 30-degree turn in the column that allows car doors to open smoothly without hitting the lift posts. The front arms of an asymmetric lift carry one third of the vehicle load and are shorter than the rear arms, which support the other two thirds. This is why the lift is labeled asymmetric, as symmetric lifts feature four arms of equal length that distribute the weight load evenly between the front and rear arms.

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