What Are Some Features of a Trail Wagon UTV?


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Some of the features of Trail Wagon utility task vehicles include tops and windshields on all models and hydraulic brakes. There are four Trail Wagon utility task vehicles on the market, as of 2015, and they range in price from $3,300 to $10,000.

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The TW200 is one model from Trail Wagon, and some of the features on this model include two wheel drive operation and a top speed of 30 miles per hour. It also has shocks with heavy duty coils, which help to maneuver the vehicle over bumps and dips in the land. Another option is the TW400, and features of this model include a 390cc Honda engine and 400 pound capacity. This vehicle also has a 12-volt outlet, a 5-gallon gas tank, and 1,100-pound towing capacity.

Higher-end options from Trail Wagon include the TW700 and TWC4. The TW700 is a special order utility task vehicle that offers users features such as a quiet 653cc V-twin Subaru engine, articulated swing arm suspension in the rear and responsive braking. The TWC4 is the top model, and this vehicle features four seats, a 688cc Honda engine and responsive braking. The TWC4 also offers a number of accessories including a plate aluminum hard top, windshield that folds, an LED light bar, front hood rack and aluminum wheels.

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