What Are Some Features of the Studebaker Avanti?


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The 1963 Studebaker Avanti features a 289-cubic inch V8 engine that clocks in at 4,800 RPMs, allowing users to go from 0 to 60 miles per hour in 8.6 seconds. It also features Bendix 11.5-inch front disc brakes and 11 by 2-inch finned drums in the rear. Front disc brakes were a new innovation at the time of the vehicle's release in 1968. The Avanti is considered among the vehicles with the best acceleration and stopping power of its time.

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The Studebaker Avanti has an interior designed to mimic the interior of an aircraft. Its interior features include a pull-out glove box, light controls via overhead rocker switches, a padded roll bar and an array of red-lit gauges to report the status of mechanical systems. Externally, the Avanti offers rust-proof, layered fiberglass bodies, such as those used in Corvettes during the same period of production.

Suspension systems are robust in the Avanti, but the comfort comes at the cost of sharp handling because the wheels use narrow ply tires. The Avanti came with three transmission options: three and four-speed manuals and a three-speed automatic. Components for Avanti's sturdy transmission systems, complete with clutches for the manual transmission options, are still available on the market as of 2015.

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