What Are the Features of a Slide-in Pop-up Camper?


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Slide-in pop-up campers fit on the back of pick-up trucks and have hard tops with flexible sides that raise and lower as needed. They include sleeping areas, storage spaces and kitchen facilities. Depending on the model, the pop-up could also have a toilet and shower.

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When on the road, the pop-up camper locks in its down position. This decreases wind resistance, which increases gas mileage while lessening movement of the camper caused by wind gusts as the vehicle motors down the roadway. The lower profile also makes the rig easier to drive because the center of gravity is lower. Some pop-up campers have hand-crank systems to raise and lower their roofs, while others use electric push-button systems.

The sleeping area is over the cab of the truck and is at least the size of a double mattress. Standard features include a stove, sink, dining area with storage underneath, additional storage closets and an LP gas tank accessible from outside the rig. Entry is through a full-size door in the back, which locks into place when the top raises. Larger and more deluxe models offer toilets and showers.

Camping in a pop-up camper is safer than in a tent because it's harder for bears and other intruders to get in. The inside is also warmer in winter and cooler in the summer.

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