What Features Should You Look When Buying Used Drag Cars?


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When buying a used drag car, evaluate the condition of the roll cage, the state of the main hoop, the dimensions of the A-pillar bars and the form of the welds. Other features to consider include the floor pan and the state of the door bars.

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What Features Should You Look When Buying Used Drag Cars?
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Ensure that the roll cage is properly installed, built for the right speed and the right size. The main hoop should be placed above and behind the helmet. It must have a crossbar less than 4 inches below the driver's shoulders. The D-bars should be welded to the main hoop and vertically angled toward the center of the car.

Cars built for higher speeds must have A-pillar bars that run along the roof of the car and connect to the sidebar at its base to protect the driver from a dangerous impact at any angle. The welds should not appear porous and should have a chromoly tubing for effective performance.

Look closely at the radiator mounts and front down bars to ensure the car has not suffered a frontal impact. A good drag car should have highly raised bars tied to the load points of the suspension. The car must also be built as far forward as possible with a front crossbar behind the dash and up near the cowl.

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