What Are Some Features and Selling Points of a Ski-Doo MXZ?

What Are Some Features and Selling Points of a Ski-Doo MXZ?

Some of the features of a Ski-Doo MXZ are 129-inch track length, rMotion rear suspension, pilot TS adjustable skis, RAS 2 front suspension, KYB PRO 36 rear shock and ROTAX 800R e-tec engine. Ski-Doo MXZ is available either online, on webites such as kijiji.ca, ebay.com and sledswap.com, or in dealerships that can be found via ski-doo.com.

The Ski-Doo MXZ comes in many versions, each offering different features. The new 129-inch track length increases traction, bump filtration and braking without giving up any of the cornering ability of the snowmobile.

The rMotion rear suspension is designed for more comfort, more capability and more adjustability, providing a supple ride over small bumps with added capability for large ones. There is an optional adjust system for the rear suspension, increasing the adjustment range by 40 percent.

The new pilot TS adjustable skis are also part of the adjustment optional package. A knob on the ski leg raises or lowers the ski runner to fit certain conditions or riding styles.

The RAS 2 front suspension uses new geometry and lighter components to increase precision, especially in extreme bumps. It reduces the weight of the snowmobile by 1.76 pounds.

The ROTAX 800R is a direct injection, two-stroke engine that allows for monster power while remaining smooth and manageable. It features e-tec technology, so there is no smoke or smell from the engine. Its horsepower is 163.9 and it consumes up to 12.3 litres per 100 kilometers.