What Are Some Features of the Schwinn Stealth S1000 Electric Scooter?


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The Schwinn Stealth 1000 electric scooter has a 1,000-watt brush motor, full suspension and direct drive. Direct drive on this scooter means that owners no longer have to deal with drive chains. Unfortunately, this model of Schwinn scooter appears to be discontinued, notes The Super Kids.

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The Schwinn Stealth 1000 had some features that set it apart from other traditional scooters. The sleek, lightweight design of the scooter makes it look like a toy rather than a vehicle for getting around town. However, it does go up to 17 miles per hour and has a range of about 12 miles. It boasts a carrying capacity of up to 260 lbs., notes Amazon. The rear suspension is also adjustable, so riders can modify it depending on their weight or the nature of the terrain.

Another great feature is the optional battery swapping made possible with a quick release deck, states Sam's Club. When the battery power dies, just swap out the drained battery with a fresh one and continue on a long trip.

With a set of durable 3-inch wide, heavy-tread tires, the Stealth 1000 can go off-road as well as it does on the road. A diagnostic throttle allows for variable speed using the twist grip. A built-in LED panel lets riders know the speed and other information, too.

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