What Are Some Features of Saffiro Tires?


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Saffiro tires are adaptable products that can be used on all types of terrain, have high void ratios and good traction. Saffiro tires with an engraved “M + S” mark are tested for ideal winter driving. In addition, many of the models have wide pattern ribs in the middle of the tire to improve the overall steering response of the vehicle in both wet and dry conditions.

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Saffiro tires feature high performance rubber compounds and tread patterns that make them versatile on different types of roads or terrains. The special tread patterns discharge dirt and mud away from the tires. To improve drainage and grip, the tires have also four continuous longitudinal grooves and wide tread blocks.

The Saffiro SF7000 model is a popular product that weighs 40 pounds and has an aspect ratio of 30 millimeters. The total rim diameter measures 22 inches. This model comes with a 35,000-mile limited warranty for V-/W-rated vehicle sizes.

Like other high-quality tire brands, Saffiro provides all-season tires. The "M + S" mark is generally located on the sidewall and stands for "Mud and Snow," meaning that both the manufacturer and the Rubber Manufacturer's Association have approved their use in muddy and snowy conditions. Generally, these tires can provide good traction in light snow.

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