What Are Some Features of Rotax Aircraft Engines?


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Rotax aircraft engines are known for their outstanding flight performance, reliability, low emissions and operating costs, and leading in-class power to weight ratio. As of 2015, every aircraft engine manufactured by Rotax is a four-stroke engine except for the company's oldest model, the two-stroke, 65 horsepower Rotax 582 UL. Rotax engines are traditionally used to power light aircraft, and all of the company's most popular models are capable of using Ethanol 10 fuel, MOGAS and AVGAS.

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The Rotax mechanical engineering and aerospace company is a German and Austrian company that currently manufactures five different aircraft engines: the 912 IS/ISC Sport, the 912 ULS/S, the 912 UL/A/F, the 914 UL/F and the 582 UL. The company's weakest engine is the 582 UL, whereas its most powerful engines are the turbocharged 115 horsepower 914 UL/F and the regular 100 horsepower 912 IS/ISC Sport. Rotax is currently developing the 915 IS/ISC engine, which runs at 135 horsepower and has full take-off power up to 15,000 feet.

Rotax was purchased by the Canadian company Bombardier, Inc., in 1970, and now operates as a subsidiary of Bombardier Recreational Products. Rotax's parent company, Bombardier Recreational Products, was sold by Bombardier, Inc., to a group of investors in 2003. Rotax four-stroke and two-stroke engines are also used in the motor bikes, scooters, watercraft and snowmobiles designed by Bombardier Recreational Products.

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