What Are Some Features of the Robinson R22 Helicopter?


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The Robinson R22 Beta II helicopter has a Lycoming four-cylinder, carburetor-type engine that takes 100L-grade aviation gasoline. The 145 horsepower engine is derated to operate continuously at 124 horsepower or 131 horsepower at takeoff. The helicopter is aerodynamically shaped and has a lightweight, steel-tube frame that allows a cruising speed of 90 knots and average fuel consumption of 7 to 10 gallons an hour.

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The R22 seats two people, who have panoramic views from four large windows, two of which are situated behind the seats for a greater range of view. The cabin is insulated with acoustical foam to lower noise. A low tail-rotor tip and a heavy-duty muffler decrease noise from flyovers. The electrical system is 14 volt.

The Robinson R22's maximum gross weight is 1,370 pounds, with an empty weight of 880 pounds. The main fuel tank takes 16.9 gallons, while the auxiliary tank has a 9.4-gallon capacity. With both tanks full, the fuel weighs 156.5 pounds. The weight capacity for pilot, passenger and baggage when just the standard tank is full is 389 pounds.

The maximum airspeed is 102 knots or 117 miles per hour. Cruising speed is up to 96 knots or 110 mph. The range is about 250 nautical miles or 288 standard miles. The maximum operating altitude is 14,000 feet.

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