What Are Some Features of Private Helicopters?

What Are Some Features of Private Helicopters?

Some features of private helicopters include controlled noise, limited vibration and Internet access. Other common features of private helicopters include high-quality entertainment systems and worldwide phone service.

The private helicopter industry is geared toward wealthy people who can pay for state-of-the-art helicopters that feature luxurious comfort surroundings and refreshment cabins. Manufacturers of private helicopters offer seating arrangement choices, custom woodwork, fabric selection and color selection to suit the aesthetic tastes of the purchaser.

Private helicopters such as the Sikorsky feature executive-level work areas and satellite phones, as well as flight progress displays. The Sikorsky also has a high-end sound system and Quiet Zone technology designed to limit noise in the helicopter cabin.

Some private helicopters feature extra-thick interior insulation and vibration-damping flooring such as the EC145. This model has other features including large clamshell doors, XM radio, Blu-ray video, a moving map and air conditioning. It also has a 10.2-inch wide-screen LCD TV mounted on the ceiling and a 30-hour music player with six SD cards.

Private helicopters often have controlled lighting systems, such as the EC175's Suspended Particle Device Smart Windows. These windows alter the voltage of light coming in and control the particles of light within the helicopter. This means that passengers can reduce the amount of glare, heat and light with simple window controls.