What Are the Features of Primewell Tires?


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Features of Primewell tires include an all-season tread design, optimized carcass tension capability, advanced noise-cancelling technology and superior pattern design formed with four circumference ribs. Other features include new tread compounds and rigorous indoor testing.

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Primewell tires have an all-season tread design that enhances year-round performance using open-slotted shoulders. The tires are formed using an advanced noise-cancelling technology made in tread block design. Primewell tires use an innovative simulation software that delivers more precise tire performance. They have an optimized carcass tension technology that advances balance when handling wet and dry surfaces.

Primewell tires are made from a superior pattern design filled with four circumferential ribs. This feature contributes to comfort, stability and handling of the vehicle. To achieve high performance levels, Primewell tires are created from a tire mold that produces the prototype tire. The prototype tires undergo rigorous indoor testing using footprint analysis machines to gain the right footprint volume on different road surfaces. Indoor testing also improves handling, mileage and safety capabilities.

Primewell tires feature a new tread compound that supplies outstanding maneuverability and grip. They have a circumferential center rib that enhances their lateral traction. Use of new material formulae in design delivers minimal energy consumption in Primewell tires without compromising comfort, handling or mileage performance. The tires have a V-shaped tread that offers good performance in wet conditions and efficient water evacuation.

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