What Are the Features of a Pontiac 455 Crate Motor?


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The Pontiac 455 crate motor is an engine built from 1970 to 1976 with various features such as a big bore and stroke, giving it a 455.34-cubic-inch diameter resulting in a higher torque rating of 500 foot-pounds. The model has a four-bolt main block, four round port cylindrical heads and a 288/302 camshaft resulting in a horsepower rating of 360 horsepower, which is a low rating.

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The Pontiac 455 crate motor has undersquare dimensions since the present stroke is longer than the bore. The difference in the length is brought about by the large torque rating of the engine. General Motors, which manufactures these engines, emphasizes the torque of the motor rather than the horsepower. The motor has a 288/302 camshaft manual transmission.

The Pontiac 455 crate motor also has a refined cylinder head with a diameter of about 7/16 inches and a combustion of about 86 cubic centimeters. The block casting in the lifter galley is reinforced to create a stronger engine. The external dimensions of the engine are similar in all parts resulting in a 455-cubic centimeter displacement. The connecting rod for the engine is 6.625 inches. The features of the motor make it a suitable engine for racing cars.

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