What Features Does the Lincoln Continental Concept Have?


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The Lincoln Continental Concept is a luxury sedan with multiple features including a 3.0-liter V6 EcoBoost Engine and Approach Detection, which allows the car to sense its owner's approach and light up inside and out. There is a tablet lap tray available for rear seat occupants.

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The luxury sedan has numerous other advanced features including the Revel Ultima System. This audio system lets passengers listen to music in three different modes. If the front passenger seat is empty the rear passenger behind that seat can also control the front seat's position for the rear passenger's comfort.

For drivers who like a choice of driving options, the Lincoln Continental Concept offers three different driving modes -- normal, sport and comfort. Each mode is tailored to a different driving experience. The car also features SPD Smartglass tinted roof. This tinted sunroof allows passengers the ability to change the tinting and cool the car by as much as 18 degrees. E-Latch door handles are hidden smoothly along the car's sides for a sophisticated look that also allows easy and quiet opening and closing of the car doors.

For those seeking additional luxury, this full-size sedan features available champagne storage and travel cases made of Venetian leather.

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