What Are Some Features of a Lamborghini Diablo?


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The Lamborghini Diablo features a V-12 engine that produces a maximum power of 492 brake horsepower at 7000 revolutions per minute and a maximum torque of 580 newton-meters at 5200 revolutions per minute. The car comes with a five-speed manual transmission. It has a top speed of 204 miles per hour and has an acceleration that takes the car from rest to a speed of 62.13 miles per hour in 4.09 seconds. The engine has seven main bearings.

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The Diablo can hold a maximum of 26 gallons of fuel and consumes 16 liters of fuel when it runs 62.13 miles. It is a two-door coupe with horizontally hinged doors. The structure of the car is made of high-resistance steel alloy and carbon fiber. The car has independent front and rear suspension with unequal length wishbones with anti-roll bar and front anti-dive.

For the brakes, the car has all-wheel Brembo disc brakes with four callipers in the front and two callipers on the rear, with servo assistance and a H-type hydraulic circuit. The car has an unassisted mechanical rack and pinion type steering wheel.

The turning circle of the car has a radius of 41 feet. The front and rear wheels have a diameter of 17 inches. The front wheels have a width of 8.5 inches while the rear wheels have a width of 13 inches.

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