What Are the Features of Kirkland Car Batteries?

Kirkland car batteries can handle extreme temperatures, have exceptionally long life spans and are cost efficient. The specs of Kirkland car batteries match those of Optima, one of the highest rated and most expensive battery brands on the market, as of 2015.

Cars Direct lists Kirkland batteries among the top seven batteries for vehicles. Kirkland provides one of the most affordable batteries, claims Cars Direct. It has great cold amp and performance ratings.

Kirkland batteries are backed by a full three-year warranty, as of 2015. It is one of the few warranties that gives customers a full refund instead of a pro-rated one if the battery fails. Kirkland car batteries are sold by Costco warehouses, and one must be a registered Costco member in order to purchase batteries there.

When buying a car battery, it is important to know the correct size and cold crank amps needed for the local area. Choosing a battery without enough amps could mean the car won't start in cold temperatures. Costco stores offer a Kirkland battery selector that helps customers find the correct battery for their specific vehicle. The batteries and selector service can be found in the tire department of Costco warehouse locations.