What Are Some Features of Kandy Paint?


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Kandy paint (or Candy paint) has a unique look that gives cars and motorcycles a distinctive finish. The Kandy colors are used with reflective, metallic base coats as well as clear coats, the combination of which gives the surfaces a finished look that has a sparkle not seen on vehicles with traditional paint jobs. The Kandy paints are called "tricoat," due to the multi-step process involved in their application.

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The Kandy paint layer must be transparent, which is one of the features that makes these paints so popular, particularly for motorcycle paint jobs, because it allows for unique iterations of color due to the use of different base colors. In other words, changing the base color changes the color of the finish, and with the translucent Kandy layer, the final result is one-of-a-kind. In addition, the three-step process gives way to a final look that almost appears wet, which is a sought-after feature of the paints.

Kandy paints do not hold up well to ultraviolet rays in comparison with other paints, and they generally last from one to five years before fading. Additionally, Kandy paints are tricky to apply and are often expensive to have professionally applied for this reason.

The four most popular types of Kandy paints on the market as of 2016 include pearl-modified base coat, catalyzed urethane Kandy, Kandy concentrates and Kandy base coats.

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