What Are the Features of a John Deere Track-Drive Snowblower?

As of 2015, a John Deere track-drive snow blower's features may include a two-stage hydraulic blower, pure visibility, easy-to-adjust skid shoes to prevent wrecking on iced-over surfaces and shroud openings that allow for quick and easy work. The SB60B snow blower, for example, has a flow rate of 79 lpm, a cutting width of 1524 mm, a cutting height of 635 mm and a fan diameter of 457 mm, notes Deere.com.

A John Deere track-drive snow blower can throw snow up to 45 feet using a poly-lined chute and deflector that allows the snow to be directed easily. They are also fitted with a direct drive motor design for convenience. The snow blowers are specified to work with John Deere Skid Steers and Compact Track Loaders but are compatible with most competitive models in addition to these.

The snow blowers are available in seven different models, each with similar specifications and similar designs. The SB84H is the most powerful with a flow rate of 114-159 lpm and fan diameter of 660 mm. The flow rate, cutting height and width and fan diameter can vary among models. Models are available in either direct-flow electric or high-flow electric-over-hydraulic formats. Each of the different models is also compatible with over 100 easy-to-use, customized John Deere professional attachments to assist in specialized jobs and increase productivity.