What Are the Features of Highly Rated Compact Cars?


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Top-rated compact cars, such as the Honda Fit or Volkswagon Golf, normally are hatchbacks, so that they provide good cargo space. In addition, these models have small, efficient engines, but they still provide an agile and comfortable ride.

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Top-rated compact cars usually come with a manual six-speed transmission or a continuously variable transmission, as is found in the Honda Fit. The manual transmission allows for a more sporty ride, while the variable transmission provides a smoother ride. Most of these compact vehicles are equipped with small four-cylinder engines, which provide efficiency ratings of roughly 40 miles per gallon when driving on the highway. Interior design is also key in these cars, and high-rated models have enough room in the back seats for tall drivers. The back seats in well-rated compact cars either fold out of the way or can be easily removed for improved trunk space.

Other important features of highly rated compact cars include USB ports for connecting media and four or more interior speakers. CD changers are often available, and these cars may come standard with a back-up camera. Some cars of this class are compatible with smartphone applications. Top-rated cars have interiors made with high-quality materials, and optional features often include a moonroof and blind spot monitoring.

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