What Are Some Features of a Handicapped-Accessible RV?

What Are Some Features of a Handicapped-Accessible RV?

Wheelchair lifts, wider entryways, open floor plans, assist bars and modified bathroom accessibility are some of the features available on handicapped-accessible recreational vehicles. Additional features include lowered counter tops, roll-up dinettes, reduced height entertainment centers and longer handled plumbing fixtures.

Most handicapped-accessible RVs have a second entry door behind the first that is a minimum 48 inches wide with a lift to accommodate wheelchair entry. Typically, they also have a minimum 30-inch wide pathway down the middle of the vehicle from the cockpit all the way the back.

Open floor plans are another key feature. They assist with wheelchair mobility, but they also accommodate any additional medical equipment. Assist bars mounted throughout the RV, including the bathroom, bedroom and living area, help users move around independently.

Roll-in showers with seats, toilet bowls that are open underneath, lowered medicine cabinets and mirrors and roll-under sinks all help make the lavatory a more handicapped-friendly and functional environment. Dinettes with seating on one side and roll-up access on the other are common. Kitchen areas have lowered countertops, cooktops, microwaves and convection ovens for easier access as well as sinks with extended faucet handles for those with reduced reach.

Many entertainment centers are placed very high in conventional configurations. Additional shelving to lower them is typically a standard feature in handicapped-accessible RVs.