What Are the Features of the Goodyear Assurance TripleTred Tire?


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The features of the Assurance TripleTred tire from Goodyear include wet, dry and ice traction. This is a highly reviewed all-season tire that has been rated with 4.6 out of 5 stars by Goodyear customers.

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The Assurance TripleTred wet traction feature is possible thanks to each tire's water zone, which has deep AquaChannel grooves that help to propel water away from the tread and off the tire completely. The ice traction feature is available thanks to the ice zone on the tire. This area has an interlocking tread pattern that grips to slick and icy roads as the car drives over the surface. The dry traction feature is available due to the dry zone, which offers tread reinforcement, allowing confident maneuvers to occur when driving over dry pavement.

If a consumer is interested in finding out if the Assurance TripleTred tire fits on a certain vehicle, the Goodyear website has that information. Car owners may enter their vehicle information, such as year, make and model, to find out if a certain car can use these tires. Alternatively, if the person knows the size of the tire needed for a particular car, this information can also be entered. If the tire fits, the website lists tire shops in the area, based on zip code, where they can be purchased. If the tires do not fit, the website lists alternative options based on vehicle type.

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