What Are Some Features of a Good Backup Camera Mirror?

What Are Some Features of a Good Backup Camera Mirror?

Features of a good backup camera mirror include a large screen, night vision, a strong digital signal and an extensive viewing area, preferably with multiple angles. These features ensure that the driver has the full picture of what is around his car in all circumstances.

The backup mirror screens come in a number of sizes, but bigger is better. The car's driver needs to see clearly what is in the picture, and smaller screens or insets do not allow for the clarity that makes the camera function at its best capacity. Also important is the camera's ability to allow drivers to perceive the distance between the car and an object behind it. Some models use colored lines to indicate whether the car is closer or farther from something.

A camera with clear night vision ensures extra help when it is most needed. Infrared LEDs enhance the ability to see objects behind the car at night.

A strong digital signal lessens the chance of wireless interference that can prevent the camera from functioning at full capacity. A powerful analog signal also helps prevent degradation of the screen's picture.

A viewing field of at least 100 degrees, and wider for trucks and large SUVs, increases the coverage of the surrounding area. Some systems even utilize four cameras to view all around the car, while others use multiple angles for the one camera. These systems help with parking as well as with reversing. The more extensive views provide more information to the driver to prevent accidents.