What Are Features of the Ford F150 SVT Lightning?


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Features of the Ford F150 SVT Lightning include strong rear shocks, a 4R100 4-speed automatic transmission, a dual-side exhaust system, an improved intercooler system and modern clear front lenses. Other features include a custom-mounted engine, automated side mirrors, a leather interior and spoke cast aluminium wheels.

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The Ford F150 SVT Lightning features gas-charged rear suspension shocks with a 23mm stabilizer bar. Staggering the rear shocks reduces the axle wrap during heavy acceleration. It has a 4R100 4-speed automatic transmission designed using the Ford Super Duty truck setup. The transmission has a high reverse gear ratio and overdrive capabilities. It has improved cylinder heads that eliminate spark plug thread problems.

The Ford F150 SVT Lightning has a dual-side exhaust system and keyless entry. It boasts of an improved water-to-air intercooler system that makes the intake charge denser by cooling it. The system optimizes the truck's performance in forced induction applications by compressing the air. The truck features strong tires manufactured using modern rubber compounds. It has modern clear front lenses and a roof-mounted third brake lamp illuminated by a single row of LED.

The truck features a custom-mounted engine that keeps the motor strategically nested under the sheet metal. The stock frame has reinforced and cross-braced rails. The Ford F150 SVT Lightning features split cloth seats laced with leather inserts, and its seat backrests feature embroidered SVT logos. The truck also has redesigned five-spoke alloy wheels and a retuned steering system.

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