What Are Some Features of the Dodge Cummins Turbo Diesel Truck?


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Some features of the 2008 Dodge Ram 3500 Cummins turbo diesel included a trip meter, air conditioning, tachometer, compass and external temperature display. Features of the Dodge Cummins turbo diesel truck depend on the year, trim and model, such as whether the truck is a 2500 or 3500, regular cab or king cab. Changes to the Ram line of trucks in 2014 included an air suspension option, while 2016 changes included a new cooling system.

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For 2016, Ram plans to reduce operating costs by providing an after-treatment of selective catalytic reduction, which uses diesel exhaust fluid and helps give a 10 percent fuel economy increase. It also gives owners a 15,000-mile oil change interval. The oil change interval helps keep operating costs down.

The new cooling system for the 2016 Cummins turbo diesel gives better heat-rejection capacity at a 25 percent higher rate. Duel radiators, transmission coolers, a charge-air cooler and high-efficiency fan contribute to the lower temperatures and better performance. Another improved feature is biofuel capability. This allows owners to user B20 biodiesel or ultra-low-sulfur diesel.

An additional feature is a new brake feature known as a smart exhaust brake. Variable geometry turbo controls braking through the computer to maintain speed during a descent.

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