What Are Some Features of the Dodge Barracuda?


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The Dodge Barracuda is expected to be released in both a rear wheel drive coupe and convertible versions, and it is intended as a replacement for the Challenger SRT8 model. The Barracuda features a strut front suspension, while the back wheels are supported with a multilink system.

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What Are Some Features of the Dodge Barracuda?
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The Barracuda is much smaller and lighter than the Challenger, the vehicle it's replacing. This improvement not only provides improved handling over the Challenger, but also gives the Barracuda a better fuel economy over its predecessor. The model is to reach markets outside the United States, and its new platform is being designed by both Chrysler and Fiat in joint. The Barracuda is projected to compete with similar international models produced by Maserati, Lancia and Alfa Romeo. Unlike the Challenger, the Barracuda is not taking as much styling from its original '70s models, and does not look as retro.

The Barracuda features four, six, and eight cylinder engines, with volumes ranging from two to 6.2 liters, with many using direct injection. The Hemi V-8 engine is most likely going to be an available option, and a supercharged version may be available as well. Transmission options include automatics and six- or seven-speed manual versions. The Barracuda is expected to cost from the mid $20,000 to high $40,000.

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