What Are Some Features of a Cummins Injection Pump?


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Cummins injection pumps manufactured between years 1989 and 1993 featured mechanical control pumping at least 1 cubic millimeter of fuel per stroke, while pumps manufactured between years 1998 and 2002 are controlled by solenoid valves and pump 125 cubic millimeters of fuel per stroke. The 1994 to 1998 Cummins injection pump model pumped even more fuel, achieving 135 cubic millimeters per stroke.

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The model name of the Cummins injection pump manufactured between the years 1989 and 1993 is the Bosch VE. This pump is an axial piston rotary pump that uses a supply pump to generate internal pressure that increases with engine speed. It features one pumping plunger and six delivery valves.

The following model is the Bosch P7100. This fuel injection pump is also mechanical but features six individual plungers instead of one. The stock option offers much greater fuel pumping power but suffers from a multitude of moving parts, making maintenance difficult.

Following the Bosch P7100, Cummins began installing the Bosch VP44 fuel injection pump. It features a vane pump that supplies fuel to its internals and three pumping plungers. The solenoid valve control assembly opens and closes the pump's internal chamber independently of engine speed. Later models such as the Bosch VP44 and the Common-Rail CP3 feature electronically controlled injection and more accurate fuel delivery metering.

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