What Are the Features of a Classic Cougar Model?

What Are the Features of a Classic Cougar Model?

In 1967, the classic Mercury Cougar featured a two-door hardtop, concealed headlights and taillights, the 390 cubic inch or 289 cubic inch motor depending on model, and four-wheel drum brakes. The standard, XR7, GT and Dan Gurney Special were the four models offered in 1967.

The Cougar is based on the second-generation Ford Mustang chassis but with a 3-inch longer wheelbase and a new body. The details on the front and rear fascia give the car a more European look than the Mustang, with an example being the marker indicator lights on the sides rather than the front and rear fenders.

The XR7 model is the luxury Cougar model. This model offers a wood-grained steering wheel, leather or vinyl seats, a faux wood-grained dashboard with black-faced competition gauges, an overhead console, and a T-type center automatic transmission shifter.

The GT model is all about performance with the 390 cubic inch 6.3-liter motor replacing the 289 cubic inch 4.7-liter standard power plant in the base model and XR7. Along with the motor upgrade comes better brakes and suspension to handle the more powerful package, as well as a high-flow exhaust to boost performance.

The majority of Cougar's produced in 1967 were the base model, followed by the XR7 and the GT. Motor Trend Magazine assigns the Mercury Cougar as car of the year in 1967.