What Are Some Features of the Canadair Regional Jet 900?


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The Canadair CRJ900 is a twin-engine regional airliner built by the Bombardier Corporation in Montreal, Canada. A stretched variant of the CRJ700 airliner, the Canadair CRJ900 incorporates two GE CF34-8C5 turbofan engines producing 13,400 pounds of thrust each and can seat up to 90 passengers as opposed to the CRJ700's capacity of 68. Additional improvements over the CRJ700 include digital engine control systems and an improved Honeywell RE220 air conditioning unit that allows operation at higher altitudes.

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The CRJ900 is designed for higher altitude operations and longer routes than the older CRJ700, with a maximum range of 1,744 miles at a cruising speed of 515 miles per hour. The typical operational altitude of the CRJ900 is up to 10,000 feet higher than the CRJ700. It has larger wings and a redesigned tailplane.

The maximum takeoff weight of the CRJ900 is 84,500 pounds. Most operators of the CRJ900 are smaller regional carriers that often provide services for larger national airlines under an operating name, such as the Comair airline that operates under the Delta Connect brand for many of its routes. The largest fleets of CRJ900s are owned by SkyWest Airlines, the Mesa Air Group and Endeavor Air, as of 2015.

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