What Are Some Features of the Cadillac Ciel?


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Some features of the Cadillac Ciel include a West Coast body design, Italian olive wood interior, leather upholstery, LED headlamps and tail lights, and an independent suspension at all corners. Other features include an aluminum housing interior, hidden connectivity portals, Bluetooth enhancements and rear armrest-controlled aromatherapy features.

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The Cadillac Ciel has a West Coast-inspired design with nickel-plated trims. The doors are hinged at the rear to give a view of the interior. The vehicle incorporates premium Italian olive wood in its interior components. It has glove-soft leather upholstery that wraps the seats to allow passengers to slide into them. The car features a heating system that heats and cools all the seats.

The Cadillac Ciel features bold LED headlamps and tail lights, and a hybrid engine system that uses a lithium-ion battery. The car features a wheelbase of 125 inches and an independent suspension system that allows suspension at all four corners. The vehicle features high-quality and transparent gauges framed within brushed aluminum housing.

The Cadillac Ciel features advanced interior technology with hidden connectivity portals for each seat. There is a floating center console running from the back to the front housing the connectivity portals. It has an inductive charging system and Bluetooth connectivity. The car features a rear armrest-controlled aromatherapy feature with an interior drawer containing sunglasses, towels and sun lotion.

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