What Are Some Features of the Bombardier Skidoo?

What Are Some Features of the Bombardier Skidoo?

Rotax engines, Pilot TS skis, Rev-X platforms and rMotion, tMotion and RAS 2 suspensions are some features of Bombardier Recreational Products Ski-Doo line of snowmobiles, as of 2015. The proprietary technology features contribute to the speed, handling and durability of the large line of Ski-Doo snowmobiles.

The heart of many Ski-Doo snowmobiles is the Rotax engine, which is available in both two- and four-stroke designs. The two-stroke motors are lightweight for nimble performance and handling. The motors are high-powered with some available models generating 163.9 horsepower. The unit is designed to start on the first pull, idle smoothly and respond quickly to light throttle pulls.

The four-stroke models offer increased reliability and reduced maintenance inherent with the design. Some engine versions offer the motor in an inline three-cylinder with electronic fuel injection system that increases throttle response and provides fuel efficiency up to 19 miles per gallon.

With the rMotion suspension controlling the rear, the tMotion handling the sled's lateral movement and the RAS-2 upfront, the Ski-Doos give a smooth ride and stable rider control in all environments. The Pilot TX skis are adjustable and users can easily change the settings for snow conditions or riding style preferences with a dial control.

The REV-X platforms for the tread mounts and drive chassis are available in four different models. Users can customize the sleds with the XS, XM, XP or XU designs to suit their riding preferences.