What Are Some Features of the BMW 600 Isetta?


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Produced between 1957 and 1959, the BMW Isetta 600 features a four-speed manual transmission, four-wheel hydraulic drum brakes and a 582cc horizontally opposed two-cylinder engine. Giovanni Michelotti was responsible for designing the Isetta 600. It stands as the company's first post-war economy car with four seats. While it did not find success on the market, it helped pave the way for the prosperous BMW 700.

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Before the Isetta 600, this BMW series focused on single-door cars such as the Isetta 250 and 300. The longer wheelbase, bigger engine and larger body of the Isetta 600 made it perfect for a small family. Withn only two years of production, BMW developed 35,000 Isetta 600 models.

This model was the first time BMW used an independent semi-training arm suspension on its vehicles. This policy stood until the 1990s. The car can travel at a top speed of 100 kilometers per hour, with the engine delivering 19.5 horsepower at 4,500 revs per minute.

At the time, the BMW Isetta 600 struggled to compete with cars such as the Volkswagen Beetle. However, the car's ability to hold four people despite the compact design was impressive. This space efficiency allowed the Isetta 600 to hold as many people as the BMC Mini despite a shorter length.

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