What Are the Features of AutoPage Remote Starters?


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Some prominent features of AutoPage remote car starters include alarm remote start with two-way LCD, remote start with keyless entry and one-way remote start with security. As of August 2015, AutoPage offers seven different models of remote car starters, notes the company's website.

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The remote car starter models available from AutoPage are the C3-R5-665 2W, C3-R51100 OLED, C3-R5603, C3-R5625LCO, C3-R5665, C3-R5730 LCD and C3-R5915LCD. These remote car starts have the following features:

  • C3-R5-665 2W: Alarm remote start with two-way LCD remote transceiver with blue backlight, two high-frequency "Minisize" remote transmitters and anti-scan receiver for second car operation.
  • C3-R51100 OLED: Two-way OLED remote start with six-channel alarm with "One Mile Range," two-way FM/FM 916 MHz remote with hidden antenna, one-way FM remote and high-tech chrome metal finish with leather strap.
  • C3-R5603: Two XT-33 five-button remote transmitters with dual polarity door lock outputs, remote start with keyless entry, window mount SAW receiver with data link port and window-mount antenna for extended range.
  • C3-R5625LCD: Two-channel keyless entry with remote start and two-way communication LCD; two, five-button remote transmitters with SAW technology dual-polarity door lock outputs and long-range window-mount antenna for extended range with the "Turbo Timer" feature.
  • C3-R5665: One-way remote start with security, two high frequency "Minisize" remote transmitters with SAW Resonator and blue LED, anti-scan receiver shift button for second car operation and dedicated remote panic and car locator.
  • C3-R5625LCD: Two-channel keyless entry with remote start, two-way communication LCD, long-range window-mount receiver with "Turbo Timer" feature and remote control car locator.
  • C3-R5915LCD: Two-way LCD 900 MKz remote car starter with six-channel alarm, high-tech chrome finish with leather strap for key ring usage, 7-color LCD screen that uses "Spread Spectrum Technology" and on-board temperature and voltage sensor.
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