What Are the Features of Altec Bucket Trucks?


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Altec bucket trucks have a range of features to suit different business needs, according to the official website. Depending on the model, the bucket truck will have an aerial bucket with storage space and capacity for one or more persons.

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Altec bucket trucks feature a range of chassis, from small-duty 32-inch frames to more robust 40-inch frames. They feature steel, aluminum or fiberglass construction to suit a range of business needs, from service to utility to forestry. Bodies are custom-built to customer specifications. They can be made super light and corrosion-resistant with aluminum. The body can be made to function as an office space or material storage space.

Some Altec bucket trucks feature material handling capabilities. This extra power lets them handle heavy loads. Others have wide side reach, allowing workers on the platform to reach places they can't park directly underneath.

Altec bucket trucks also come with several safety features, according to Schmidy's Machinery. A fall protection system is standard. This protects workers from falling over, electrocution and tip-over. They have a bucket liner to protect the bucket and worker from electricity if the bucket comes into contact with power lines. They also have optional wheel chocks, which are recommended for protection against unintentional movement.

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