What Are Some Features of an Airbus A319 Plane?

What Are Some Features of an Airbus A319 Plane?

The Airbus A319 is a short, single-aisle passenger jet designed for markets requiring particularly small aircraft. The cabin features a digital cabin management system, which helps the crew to perform tasks such as adjusting the interior lighting, playing pre-recorded messages and signaling emergency evacuation. Additionally, the cabin features new noise-absorbing technologies.

The A319 features Required Navigation Precision - Authorisation Required procedures along with Required Time of Arrival operations. According to Airbus, these help to reduce the number of holds necessary and to ensure a continuous approach. In turn, the A319 should require less fuel and produce less noise.

All of the aircraft in the A320 family, which includes the A319, feature similar cockpit layouts. This means that a pilot who is trained to fly an A320 should be able to learn to fly an A319 relatively quickly.

The A319 also features wingtip devices called Sharklets, which are intended to increase lift on the wings. Airbus claims that these can reduce fuel usage by up to four percent.

Additionally, A319s are equipped with A319neo engines. This engine was designed to be more fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly than previous engines. According to Airbus, this will decrease fuel usage by up to 20 percent and will provide at least 10 percent reductions of carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide emissions.