What Are Some Features of the A320 Airbus Airplane?


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Different types of Airbus A320 aircraft have different features, but most provide multiple seating arrangements. On most A320s, airlines can offer single-class seating for 180 people, or they can offer two classes and 150 total seats.

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The Airbus A320 is designed for low-cost operations, and its simple design makes it popular for commuter routes and other short- and medium-range flights. With a maximum range of 3,500 miles, the Airbus A320 is capable of coast-to-coast flights within the United States.

Airbus A320s also use special wingtips called "Sharklets" that improve fuel economy up to 4 percent, which results in lower fuel costs for airlines, and less carbon dioxide released into the atmosphere. While Airbus initially used Sharklets on new aircraft, it introduced a program to install them on older A320 and A319 aircraft as well.

A320 aircraft also offer advanced navigation systems. Required Navigation Performance capabilities help A320 operate more efficiently and safely through precise navigation aided by GPS technology. A320s can also use GPS satellites for precision landing, which allows pilots to reap the advantages of instrument-based approaches at airports that lack the technology. Microwave Landing System technology gives pilots even more precise approach instrumentation at airports that are properly equipped, which makes landing in difficult weather easier and safer.

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