What Are Some Features of the A320 Airbus?


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The latest models of the Airbus A320 feature a new interior with a changed look, a quieter cabin, larger overhead storage and ambient lighting. The new interior reduces the plane's overall weight. The A320 Airbus seats 150 to 180 people, depending on the seating layout, and is constructed of weight-saving composite materials and wings that are 20 percent more efficient than past models.

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The A320 Airbus has a single aisle. The wings turn up at their tips in an optional feature Airbus calls Sharklets that improve fuel, and therefore ecological efficiency, and increase range and payload. The fuselage is 7 inches wider than competitors' planes, which increases passenger comfort and capacity and therefore airline profits.

The A320 has advanced navigation technology, including the required navigation performance capability that makes it possible to reduce the distance of approach for landing and also cuts fuel consumption and therefore CO2 emissions. Where there are no ground stations, the jet has a global position landing system that allows pilots to land using instruments. The jet's flight system is called "fly by wire" and is partly automated.

The A320neo Family has a new engine that saves 20 percent in fuel per passenger seat and allows 2 tons of additional payload. It also increases the planes' range up to 500 nautical miles and reduces emissions and engine noise.

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