What Are Some Features of the 2016 Ford Stripped Chassis F-53 Motorhome?


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Features of the 2016 Ford Stripped Chassis F-53 Motorhome include: a parking brake mounted to the transmission, a two-tone horn, power steering, an instrument panel with speedometer, tachometer and trip odometer, along with oil pressure, transmission temperature and coolant temperature lights and an air conditioning prep package. The Ford Stripped Chassis is a flatbed that comes in two models; one is designed for commercial trucks, and the other, the F-53, is designed for residential RVs. The F-53 comes with several package upgrade options, including a pull-out ramp and 19.5K GVMR package.

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For driver and passenger comfort, the F-53 offers several steering wheel choices. All come with power steering, but drivers can choose to get enhanced wheels with tilt steering, available in black. The F-53 also comes with a center message station that holds a thermometer and display showing how much gas is in the tank. Additional features include wiring assemblies and a vehicle manual.

The base model F-53 comes with a rear GAWR that supports a load of 11,000 pounds, and a front GAWR that supports 6,500 pounds. Drivers can upgrade to capacities of 17,500 pounds and 9,000 pounds for the rear and front, respectively. These motorhomes come with front and rear axles rated for 8,000 and 11,000 pounds, respectively. However, drivers can choose stronger axles too. Shock absorbers come standard, and drivers can add a single ladder and front track bar. Additional accessories include daytime running lights, an engine block heater and spare tire.

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