What Are Some Features of the 2014 Volkswagon Eurovan?


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The 2014 Volkswagen Transporter T5 is a full-size, front-wheel drive cargo and passenger van powered by either a gasoline or diesel engine. While the Transporter van was sold as the Eurovan in the United States until 2003, Volkswagen no longer sells the Eurovan as of 2015.

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The 2014 Volkswagen Transporter T5 is the fifth generation of Volkswagen's long-running series of utility vans and a direct descendant of the well-known Volkswagen Type 2 and Vanagon models sold from the 1960s to 1980s. One of the major selling points of the T5 generation is the large selection of engines available, though these engines are placed in the front of the vehicle rather than in the rear as in older Volkswagen vans. Both a large V6 gasoline engine and a high-torque inline-five diesel engine are available, as well as more efficient inline-four engines of both types.

Purchasers can outfit the Transporter with a number of options to suit its role as a multi-purpose van. Popular option packages include a standard panel van configuration and a version with windows and removable rear seats known as the Kombi. Volkswagen also sells a fully-equipped mobile home version of the Transporter T5 known as the Volkswagen California.

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