What Are Some Features of 2014 Lincoln Cars?


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Lincoln vehicles produced for the 2014 model year offer many luxury amenities such as leather upholstery, power seating and premium infotainment systems. Many 2014 Lincoln vehicles also saw upgrades in engine power and other performance features as compared to the 2013 models.

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Lincoln is the luxury-focused, upmarket brand of the Ford Motor Company, so almost all 2014 Lincoln vehicles offer common luxury amenities, like leather upholstery, as standard features rather than as optional upgrades. The Ford SYNC-based MyLincoln voice command and touchscreen infotainment control system is also standard on all 2014 vehicles. Though many Lincoln vehicles are based on Ford models, Lincoln's versions often feature significant engine and performance upgrades over the Ford-branded vehicle. For example, while the 2014 MKS sedan is mechanically similar to the Ford Taurus, it features a standard 305-horsepower V6 engine rather than the 263-horsepower V6 offered in the base Taurus. However, switches and other interior components are often shared with the Ford version of the vehicle.

Lincoln vehicles have a long reputation as highly comfortable both to drive and ride in, famously exemplified by the now-discontinued Lincoln Town Car. Most critics found that the 2014 Lincoln line-up lived up to this reputation, though few felt as roomy inside as they did with the Lincolns of the past. Many critics also found that 2014 Lincoln models came up short in performance and handling characteristics as compared to similar models from other automakers.

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