What Are Some Features of the 150cc Super Pocket Bikes?


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Super pocket bikes with 150-cubic centimeter motors are largely distinguished from smaller pocket bikes by the four-stroke design of their engines and higher top speeds. Super pocket bikes often also include many features common on full-size motorcycles but rare on smaller pocket bikes, such as adjustable suspensions, head lights, signal lights and sequential manual transmissions.

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Super pocket bikes tend to be larger than standard pocket bikes to accommodate the larger four-stroke engines used in these bikes instead of the two-stroke engines typically used in standard-sized pocket bikes. Four-stroke engines allow super pocket bikes to reach top speeds as high as twice those of standard pocket bikes, but also allow super pocket bikes to accelerate at the same rate as standard pocket bikes despite their larger size. However, the larger super pocket bikes are not as nimble as and cannot corner as tightly as standard pocket bikes. In addition to features such as headlights and turn signals common to larger motorcycles and super pocket bikes, most super pocket bikes also have electric push-button or turn-key style ignitions. In contrast, most smaller pocket bikes use a pull-cord style ignition similar to the starters used on lawn mowers and other equipment that uses two-stroke engines..

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