What Are Featherlite Car Trailers Used For?

Featherlite car trailers are used to transport cars by keeping them inside an open or enclosed trailer and towing them with a powered vehicle. Featherlite offers four types of car trailers: bumper pull, gooseneck, coach and living quarters. All Featherlite car trailers feature tough and lightweight aluminum construction as well as essential safety features.

Featherlite uses pierce and roll systems in the construction of each trailer. This system involves driving high-strength rivets into the aluminum without piercing the roof’s skin. A water-resistant crown covers the top and bottom of the rivets to reduce water leakage. Featherlite bumper car trailers have aerodynamic v-noses that help reduce wind drag. These also feature long heavy-duty trailer tongues that make towing stronger and safer. All Featherlite car trailers feature sealed LED lights and meet federal safety standards.

Each Featherlite car trailer’s all-aluminum construction allows for greater mileage and smooth towing. In addition to standard features, several optional accessories are available for these trailers. Featherlite’s PerfectFit system allows customers to customize their car trailers according to their specific needs. A Featherlite dealer works with the customer to determine the best possible trailer. Excluding models 1611 and 1641, all Featherlite enclosed car trailers feature smooth extruded aluminum floors.