What Is the Fastest Plane in the World?


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The Lockheed SR-71 Blackbird holds the airspeed record, as of 2014. On July 28, 1979 the plane reached a top speed of 2,193 mph, or Mach 2.9. The pilots on the historic flight were Air Force test pilots Eldon W. Joersz and George T. Morgan, Jr.

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What Is the Fastest Plane in the World?
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The Blackbird was introduced to the market in 1966 and retired in 1999. Only 32 planes were produced throughout the model's entire run. Of these 32, 12 were destroyed in accidents, but none were ever shot down by enemy fire. The Blackbird was designed as a reconnaissance aircraft, which means that its primary purpose was to collect intelligence rather than to engage in air battles.

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