What Are Some Famous Indy 500 Cars?


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Some of the most famous cars to have raced at the Indianapolis 500 include the 1911 Marmon Wasp, the 1932 Miller FWD Special, the 1965 Lotus 38, the 1980 Chapparal-Cosworth 2K and the 1996 Reynard Ford. Each of these vehicles represents a landmark in Indianapolis 500 history, often due to innovations that affected the design of subsequent Indy cars and those used in other racing series.

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The Marmon Wasp won the inaugural Indianapolis 500 race in 1911. Though the Wasp's cowled cockpit and aerodynamic body were imitated by many subsequent race cars, its most-copied innovation is the rear-view mirror. The rear-view mirror allowed driver Ray Harroun to drive without a spotter for oncoming traffic, saving a considerable amount of weight compared to other cars. The only other car as influential as the Wasp in influencing car design is the Lotus 38, the first mid-engined car to win the Indianapolis 500. Though the Reynard Ford is not a trendsetter like the Wasp or Lotus 38, it is the fastest Indy car of all time, as of 2015.

The Miller FWD Special and the Chapparal-Cosworth 2K are also among the most famous Indy cars due to their use of unique technologies in Indy car design. Though four-wheel drive systems such as that used by the FWD Special fell out of favor in the Indianapolis 500, rally cars continue to use similar systems. The Chapparal-Cosworth 2K's revolutionary ground effect aerodynamic system led to the proliferation of similar aerodynamic features on modern cars.

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